The Ten-Point Manifesto

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The Ten-Point Manifesto

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The Ten-Point Manifesto

"Two years ago, on International Women's Day (IWD), the president of the National Council of Resistance in Iran (NCRI), Maryam Rajavi, revealed a Ten-Point Manifesto outlining a vision for the future of women’s rights in Iran and offering solutions to the sexist policies of her country.

The Manifesto begins: “Women shall enjoy the equal right to have all the fundamental freedoms, including standing for elections, casting a vote, and becoming judges. Women, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or social class, shall enjoy equal rights as men.” A tall order for a country that, this past year alone, has made international headlines for a wave of acid attacks against "improperly veiled" women; for executing a woman who fatally stabbed a man trying to sexually assault her; for barring women from going to sporting events and appearing on stage with men.

As part of International Women’s Day, I encourage you to take a look at the Ten-Point Manifesto and consider sharing what you’ve learned with others.

I look at this manifesto, and I see how much work there is to be done around the world to secure basic rights for women. But the fact that this group and this manifesto exist should give us  hope, because the women of Iran are fighting back and leading the people of Iran to a freer, more equal country. "Iranian women have become the flag bearers of resistance, inspiring perseverance, struggle and resistance among other sectors and classes in society," says Mrs. Rajavi. "These brave women have led the struggle for the overthrow of the religious tyranny ruling Iran."


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