Youth Conference - “ #BrighterFUTURE ”

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Youth Conference - “ #BrighterFUTURE ”

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:02 pm

Eva Organization for Women (EOW) is hosting a youth conference “Hashtag Brighter Future” (BFC) which will be held on 7th June 2014 at the University of Leicester (UK). This conference targets students aged 16 and over from diverse backgrounds to engage and have a say about their future prospects. BFC seeks to increase awareness of social determinates that may impact young people’s futures.

The future of these young people is brighter and it is ultimately they who can make the change both in their own lives and life around them. The opportunity is out there; all our youth will need from us (the older generation) is to guide, support, inspire and encourage them. Therefore, the aim of this conference is to encourage, support and inspire our youth to self-help and growth as individuals and as leaders in their own communities. This conference also aims to tackle the lack of expectations and encouragement from parents that some young people have experienced.

◦ To reach out to the youth who are our future, so that they can be empowered individuals. ◦ Instead of talking at them, create a platform where they can be active creators by taking part of this conference and network between each other and with other agenises.
◦ To ensure they make better choices for themselves and their future families.
◦ To give them the opportunities to talk about and listen to topics which the older generations/certain ethnic groups do not necessarily have access to. ◦ To ensure young people learn about common values, respect/manners and accept the norms of the modern day society.
◦ To encourage them to aim high and make a difference in our communities. Within the conference, we aimed to have talks (key note speakers), workshops, plenary discussion (debate), some other activities to learn team working and openness to others and youth achievement awards.

- Talks (presentations from specialist guest speakers)

- Workshops:
Workshop 1: Mind-set for success
Workshop 2: Be your own boss and make the most of your self
Workshop 3: Learn about art and entertainment industry
Workshop 4: Future leads
Workshop 5: Around the world in 45 minutes
Workshop 6: Stamp drugs & alcohol Others:

- A plenary discussion, debate topics are included (1) How do schools tackle the gap between what education provides and the skills that employers require? (2) What does the role of digital revolution have on education today?

-Youth achievement awards (for these young people who are already volunteering in our community). This award is to inspire others to do a good deed and help our community for a better tomorrow. - Activities to learn teamwork and openness to others.

-Entertainment – refreshments, street art display will be available on the day of the conference.

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#Brighterfuture key note speakers

Post  AmyJayne on Wed Jun 04, 2014 12:59 pm

Kaamilah Hamid
Cllr Ravendrasinh Hasmukh Thakor
Laura Pilkington
Natalie Jade
Cllr Mete Coban
Siân Conway
Darren Dewfield
Natalie Fortuin
Kris Isa Cheryl Armatrading
Melissa Melodee
Zara Lartey


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