International Women’s Day (2013)

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International Women’s Day (2013)

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:25 pm

International Women’s Day marks day of celebrating women’s past and current contributions in our society. This year (8 March, 2013), we at EOW are hosting an event which brings women and their families in Leicester together in a resting and relaxation atmosphere to network and reflect issues that matter to them. The main aims of the project are: - To give women a chance to pull back from their usual stressful, everyday lives and take a moment for them self.

- To leave all the problems and issues behind them, for few hours, and just relax.
- To create a platform for women to network and reflect on both global and local issues. We aim to provide massages, pedicures, manicures, hair treatment, facials, yoga instructions, a talk on how to manage your stress on a daily basis and in a stressful situation, etc.

The program would be quite flexible, to accommodate for everyone. Also accommodating for anyone, who comes straight from work. We would also have a children’s area for any ladies who happen to be single parents and don’t have anyone to leave their kids with. The play area will be supervised and appropriate for children of all ages. We are hoping to have a positive reaction to the project. That every person who leaves at the end of it, will have a brighter outlook on life. That they would feel refreshed and more importantly, empowered. We are hoping that they wouldn’t feel as if everything is on top of them, rather that we’ve taken a big load off their shoulders without actually doing anything. Everyone would be given feedback forms, which is how we would measure our success. Time and venue will be announce shortly! Come to relax and reload your energy while celebrating International Women’s day.

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